Travelling the Georgia Roads with Nancy Noodlehead

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After many requests for a book on Georgia, particularly for the second grade curriculum, Nancy Noodlehead got busy and hit the Georgia roads, taking pictures, collecting facts and legends, and keeping a journal about fun places she visited in her home state of Georgia. Included in her seven day adventure are explorations of the state amphibian (the green tree frog); a visit to Princess Trahyta’s grave and search for the fountain of youth; her search for Georgia’s two peanut monuments; a trip to see The Big Oak, as wide as it is tall; three meetings with our state reptile, the gopher tortoise; eating grits, the state prepared food; revisiting the site where George Washington Perry caught the world’s largest wide mouthed bass; and finding a rare staurolyte, the state mineral. So she wrote a book: Travelling the Georgia Roads with Nancy Noodlehead with the help of Cathy Kaemmerlen, her alias, and she converted it to an e-book for all to enjoy.

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