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Cathy Kaemmerlen

FEES (beginning 2013 school year) 

–single solo performance: $300 for metro Atlanta bookings (exception: Anne Frank @$350)

–two back to back performances of the same show: $400

–booking of 3 or more third grade programs:  $275 each

–duo performance: $450; $600 for back backs

–full day (maximum three performances of the same solo show): $600

  • Fees outside metro Atlanta start at $500. Mileage/travel negotiated in total fee. Lodging and per diem added on, if applicable.
  • For bookings in Georgia, outside metro Atlanta, funding available through Georgia Council for the Arts, 260 14th St., Suite 401, Atlanta, GA, 30318.  (404) 685-2787. Deadline June 1. Can apply online. See link on website for Georgia Council for the Arts, Touring Arts Roster.
  • For bookings in South Carolina, funding may be applied for through the South Carolina Arts Commission, 1800 Gervais Street, Columbia, S.C. 29201, (803) 734-8696. Applications online. See link on website for South Carolina Arts Commission Artists’ Directory.

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